Pub Golf Scorecard

How to Play Pub Golf

You play Pub Golf by first setting out the course around the town(s) you are playing it in. This is done by picking pubs, bars or clubs and choosing a drink a player has to drink in that place. For example you may choose to play a 9 hole course and your first hole would be Pub: "The Globe", Drink "A Pint of Beer" and you repeat this process across as many pubs that you want to play it in varying the drink from pub to pub.

You generally score by the amount of drinks/swigs/gulps a player takes from the drink per hole, for example if a player downs the drink, then this will be classed as a hole in one!

You can set a par for the hole, this is how many drinks a player should take out of a drink before it is finished on that hole e.g. if you have a shot on a hole, this normally would be a par 1.

You can also add in optional rules to make the game more interesting, for example you could add in a rule that states "if a player drinks the wrong drink in a pub then they get +4 added onto their score for that hole", you can make as many rules as you want to make the game to your taste!