Pub Golf Scorecard

Pub Golf Outfits

Generally the game of Pub Golf is played whilst everyone is dressed up in the correct attire, for example you can go as far as you want.. from just wearing a flat cap and taking along your best plastic 5 iron you got from Toys R Us to the whole outfit even fitted with knee high socks (not advisable to take along a real golf club, as we don't think you would end up getting in most of the pubs you wish to visit during the game!).

Outfit Examples

Below are some examples of outfits you might want to wear on the big day!

Mens Outfit 1

Mens Outfit 2

Womans Outfit 1

Womans Outfit 2

Where to Get?

Your best bet would be a dress up shop specifically set up for these kind of events, an outfit will probably set you back about £10 to £20. Although you can probably just head to H&M and pick up most of the things you need.. e.g. knee high socks, polo shirt, skirt, you could wear any shoes (or just buy some cheap pumps), and get a cheap visor from Sports Soccer (probably only a couple of quid if you look around).